I Feel Pretty Review

Nathalie Sibal, Co-Copy Editor

After receiving solid reviews from multiple screening tests, I Feel Pretty moved its original June release to April 20. However, the film starring Amy Schumer (Renee Barrett), Michelle Williams (Avery LeClaire), Rory Scovel (Ethan), Aidy Bryant (Vivian) and Busy Philipps (Jane), was met with negative feedback from both critics and audiences. Having seen Schumer’s latest comedy, the critiques are justifiable.


Renee Barrett is an insecure young woman who lives an average life in New York City. During a SoulCycle class, Renee suffers an injury to her head after falling off the bike. After waking up, she looks into the mirror and believes she has completely transformed into a beautiful woman. Renee’s confidence allows her to become more daring, which quickly turns her life around.


While the film had a great message about body positivity, it lacked the fresh humor a comedy needs to succeed. Some of the jokes felt stale as they tend to have overused punchlines that are utilized by most writers. The plot could have taken several different routes that strays away from predictable actions. The lessons I Feel Pretty tries to teach are valuable, but it is not executed in a memorable way.


Michelle Williams’ performance as CEO Avery LeClaire proved to be one of her most unforgettable roles. Williams steals the spotlight once she reveals her character’s surprising, yet hilarious baby voice. Even with a MBA degree from Wharton and job experience as a Supreme Court clerk, Avery’s childlike voice undermines her intelligence and becomes her biggest insecurity. Despite Williams’ limited screen time, her odd behaviors and amusing personality keeps the audience engaged.


I Feel Pretty had a promising story idea, but it was not carried out successfully. While Williams was able to salvage certain parts of the movie with Avery’s quirkiness, the rest of the film fell flat. Although it brings awareness to the problems of beauty standards, the convoluted plot line tends to overshadow the message of I Feel Pretty.