Tory Lanez’ New Album

Nicole Estrada, Writer

After almost a decade since Daystar Peterson, better known as Tory Lanez, started his career, he released his second album Memories Don’t Die (2018), on Friday, March 23. Lanez’ inspiration towards this album was the memories that he had made with the new people and experiences he discovered.


The name of his sophomore album came about by his own memories saying those memories will live on forever and never die. Lanez does not want all his memories on instagram but also wants them more in his songs and music videos that are produced by him himself.  His album features big rappers and singers such as 50 Cent, NAV, and Future.


Since his first album release in 2015, Lanez has grown a lot and put all his time into making his second album even better with his own memories.


Ivan Miranda, 11, sees the growth in Lanez and believes every album after Chixtape II will show who he really is.

“The fact that he did take three in a half years to produce this album from his own memories is outstanding,” Miranda said. “It really shows how much he has grown by himself and what he has learned throughout his years of being a rapper.”


Lanez’ personality really came out in his second album, he put himself out there for our entertainment.


Adrian Hernandez, 9, believes this album will be good for Lanez because he’s going all for it and not letting anyone bring him down.


“I like how not all his memories are posted for instagram,” Hernandez said. “But he’s also sharing his memories for us in his music.”


Tory Lanez started his new year with his new album and with new tour dates starting in the US and ending in the UK


Gabriel Gutierrez, 12, knows this album will be number one not just for him but for his fans as well.


“With new album, he is of course coming out with tour dates for 2018,”Gutierrez said. “If I wasn’t busy with school so much, I would’ve went to his concert on March  27 in Hollywood.”

Tory Lanez started his career as a rapper in 2009, releasing first only mixtapes until he released his first album Chixtape II in 2014. Lanez has always directed, wrote and produced his own music and music videos.