Moana: Disney’s Brave New Face

Nicole Najera , Writer

Disney is famously known for their princess movies. The typical princess falls in love with prince charming, he saves her and they live happily ever after. But Disney decided to continue their different approaches on the classic storyline with their latest smash hit Moana, the story of the daughter of a village chief whose special connection to the ocean sets her off on a crazy journey to save the island she calls home. This was a first for Disney filmmakers being that the movie took place on a Polynesian island and the fact that there is no handsome prince to save the day but only a adventurous girl struggling with an internal conflict who becomes the island’s heroine.

Audiences seem to like the idea that Moana is not your average princess living in a castle wearing a big puffy dress with an evil stepmother. The movie grossed more than $81 million during its opening days.

Karla Salazar, 12, was in love with movie as soon as she saw the trailer and knew she had to see it as soon as it came out.

What made me want to go see the movie was watching the extended trailer at California Adventure,” Salazar said.“It sold me on the movie and I even bought pre-sale tickets and saw it the day it premiered.”

Excited for Disney steps towards being more culturally diverse Kayla Benitez, 10, explains why she went to see the film.

Everyone had been talking about it and because it was Disney’s way of being culturally diverse,” Benitez said, “so I was curious how they would tackle that challenge.”

Lisa Iniguez, 12, a huge Disney fan who went to go watch the film with her family, explains how much she enjoyed it.

“Honestly, this movie was very good. In my opinion it’s better than frozen,” Iniguez said. “ I would watch it again and again and again.”

Ultimately, to say the least, Disney hit the mark with their new film Moana and Disney fans seem to agree, Rotten Tomatoes rated the movie with a 97%. This is definitely a good watch for all Disney fans looking for something funny yet a movie with a powerful message.