The End of CDs

Fatima Rosas, Managing Editor

Music has been around for centuries. It can be presented and bought in several different ways such as streaming apps, vinyls, but with a world that keeps evolving even music must change, at least the way it is presented. By that I mean, what would happened if CDs were no longer available and music was to be completely and only streamed through an app. Kanye West has a plan that could change the way people listen to their favorite tunes.


Jose Plascencia, 11, gives us his opinion on streaming music as well as the idea of owning a physical copy and which one he prefers.


“It can certainly be a much cheaper way to have all the music you want. Since there is apps like Spotify, you pay once a month and have all your music or you can just use the free version,” Plascencia said, “but sometimes it feels better to have the physical copy sitting on your desk.”


On March 7, Kanye West, announced to the public via Twitter that he has decided to no longer make his music accessible through physical copies, but instead only through streaming.


Brianna Rodriguez, 11, tells us what role technology plays in her everyday life.


“Streaming music is better because it is music on the go you can take everywhere and anywhere,” Rodriguez said. “ I think it is the future of music, technology plays a massive part of the world, and communication, and we use music to communicate.”


West released Life of Pablo back on February 16 of this year. The album was exclusively available on the app Tidal, which has now backfired due to many illegal downloads. West has not addressed the statement since March 7, but has made it clear of what the future of music may seem like, since he himself has not released any physical copy after Yeezus in 2013.


I asked student Valerie Ponce, 12, her opinion on Kanyes drastic take on the evolution of music.


“West is trying to change the way people look at music by putting his ideas to work,” Ponce said. “Personally getting rid of the physical copy of albums is a good idea because it can save money during production.”


West, has announced he is planning on releasing another album by summer of 2016, meanwhile the public awaits to see what other changes he plans on making and what other ideas he may have in mind.