Shia LaBeouf Art Stunt

Fatima Rosas, Managing Editor

29-year-old actor, director, and performing artist, Shia LaBeouf collaborates with artist Nastja Sade Rönkkö, on Feb. 19 from 9A.M, to 9A.M. on Feb. 20. Their latest art project #ELEVATE, which consisted of standing in an elevator at Oxford University for 24 hours. Small groups were invited and participate, to hang out with the actor. Fans also had the chance to line up, ask questions, and take selfies.


Melissa Guevara,11, tells her opinion about LaBeouf’s creative stunts.


“Shia’s stunts are always interesting to see we can never expect what is coming our way,” Melissa Guevara said. “He has a very creative, artistic mind and it is cool because not many express it the way he does.”


It was an eventful 24 hours, but one moment that seemed to stand out was a fan who had waited in line for seven hours in order to ask LaBeouf for a punch in the face. The actor declined the idea because did not want to hurt the student, but the freshman refused to leave without the opportunity and asked for a slap instead, which LaBeouf agreed to. Although this part was not shown on the live stream, since the cameras recording for the live stream were set up outside and the elevator doors had closed, it is audible in the video.


Gabrielle Castellanos ,11, a fan of LaBeouf, followed the live stream closely once she heard about it.


“I think that the experiment that Shia conducted was a gut wrenching event that took place. It doesn’t surprise me that Shia did this because he is a very artistic and eccentric person,” Castellanos said. “I also give him props for pulling this stunt due to the fact that he was in a super cramped in the elevator what and had to stay there for 24 hours. That is crazy wicked and I would not be able to do that.”


This is not the first stunt he has pulled; back in November, he binged-watched all of his 29 films in chronological order for 72 hours, in a theater in New York City as part of his project #ALLMYMOVIES. Then in the following month, LaBeouf and Rönkkö staged a phone-a-thon, where callers were invited to “touch their souls.”


Not stopping there, he worked again with Rönkkö and another actor named, Luke Turner, on #IAMPERFORMANCE, an art project that consisted LaBeouf silently sitting in a gallery in Los Angeles, with a paper bag over his head which read “I am not famous anymore.”


Alfredo Carrillo, 11, gave his opinion on the creative ability of Shia LaBeouf.


“I think this is Shia’s way to raise awareness. It may be weird, but it causes attention from the public,” Carrillo said. “He expresses his thoughts, and tries to communicate as well as understand the public.”
Who knows what crazy move LaBeouf will pull next, but whatever he does, the public awaits and are ready to see the commotion the event will cause.