Two Artist One Mixtape

David Beltran, Beatrice Peña, Jazlyn Contreras, Amanda Davila

Amanda Davila, Staff Writer

The new mixtape What A Time To Be Alive dropped via social media on September 25, as Drake and Future came together to combine their styles of music in order to create a mixtape for their fans to enjoy.

Speaking upon his views of Drake and the mixtape, junior, Johnny Lopez feels like his mood revolves around the music he listens to. He enjoys the beats of his favorite song “Change Locations.”

“When I’m sad I’ll listen to “Marvin’s room”; I stay Draking It [listening to Drake for emotional purposes],” Lopez said, “but when I’m pumped I’ll listen to Future.”

What A Time to Be Alive has a different approach for its listeners, having two different artists with completely different styles of music in one mixtape caused anxious fans to wonder if this will be a great mixtape or completely fail. Knowing both artists are strong in their own category of music, fans eagerly awaited for this mixtape to drop.

Luis Paiz, junior at Downey High School, explains how Future and the mixtape reached its expectations in his mind, he likes how the mixtape is versatile with Drake lyrics and Future’s care free mood.

“I listen to music on a daily mostly Casey Veggies because he is my favorite artist but the Drake and Future album really exceeded my expectations,” Paiz said, “I liked the storyline of the songs and the beats were really good especially on “Diamonds Dancing.”

From diverse moods and writing, Drake and Future created a different way of viewing music. Not only did they create a mixtape with popular songs and beats, but they created a different fan base for themselves having Drake fans and Future fans come together.

Junior, Bernie Villeda relies on music as a part of his daily routine, and is often seen with his headphones on.

“I Think What A Time To Be Alive had a lot more Future in it than I expected,” Villeda said, “as a fan of Drake “Change Locations” was my favorite song because it had more Drake influence; it was a pretty good mixtape overall.”

From “Diamonds Dancing” to “Change Locations” and the other nine tracks on the mixtape, What A Time To Be Alive has erupted on social media and around Downey High School due to music playing a role in daily lives.