How long ’till you’re wildin’?

Irania Quintero , Staff Writer

On Jan. 24, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, better known as Rihanna, released her new single FourFiveSeconds, which featured rap artist Kanye West and former Beatles member Paul McCartney.  Rihanna has previously worked with West on pieces such as Run this Town, All of the Lights, and more, but the recent collaboration between West and McCartney made it convenient for Rihanna to feature both artists in one smash hit.  Rihanna incorporates her usual beats from genres such as reggae and dance-pop, while also shining light on some acoustic sound to bring out the emotion she is delivering in her lyrics.  Although Rihanna is known for the edginess and sex-appeal in some of her music, she has also been highly recognized for the deep feelings she expresses in songs such as Unfaithful, Hate That I Love You, Stay, and now, Fourfiveseconds.  The song gets straight to point in telling exactly what Rihanna is going to communicate to her audience: the message of taking a stance.  The song begins with the strumming of a guitar and Rihanna’s soulful voice making a swift entrance.  The verse, “I say what’s on my mind/ I might do a little time/ Cause all of my kindness/ Is taken for weakness” is a portrayal of Rihanna being straightforward and admitting to a flaw in her life.  She further goes on to tell her audience that she is “FourFiveSeconds from wildin’,” which means that she is ready to burst and also ready to stop allowing herself to be pushed over.  She’s been praised by fans for her ability to work with a wide variety of music genres and she described FourFiveSeconds as just a “glimpse” of her new music for 2015.