How the Season Went for Girls’ Golf 2022

Jocelyn Gonzalez, Copy Editor

Making a comeback this year, the Downey High School girls’ golf team had six wins through the course of ten league matches. As the season has come to an end, the Downey High team, coached by Mr. Bean, had to say goodbye to the sport that taught them discipline, resiliency, and compassion.

Placing third place in the league, the lady Vikings, especially the seniors have many cherishable memories to carry on beyond high school.

Being formally named as team captain in her junior year, Abigail Duran, 12, expresses how this role changed her and the steps she took in order to help her fellow teammates.

“I’ve always been a naturally born leader and I fell into the leadership role as captain even before I was formally named captain. I needed to reevaluate my values as captain because I’m not just a member on the team anymore, I’m now leader of everybody else on the team,” Duran stated. “We [had] a lot of new girls [junior] year, so I really should have helped them out more. This year, we had a lot of new girls so I helped them out a lot more. I feel really proud of how far they’ve come and I know that I contributed to that, how much they progressed.”

Duran competed and was tied for second in the league championships. Duran also placed sixth in the last round of CIF qualifiers. Although she placed sixth, Duran was placed first in all-league which is a proud accomplishment of hers.

A team, composed of 13 girls, shares many memories together throughout their season. As in most sports, teamwork is key, and having a good relationship among your teammates is gold. Despite the title of opponents, some of the girls on the team have a good relationship with the other girls from opposing teams.

Alongside Duran, Cassandra Diego, 12, has joined the team since freshman year. Diego describes how the team’s tight bond contributed to their performance throughout the season.

“This season I am really happy with the way we have gotten along as a team. We all are comfortable with each other and happy to learn from and get to know one another,” Diego said. “This comfort is something I am grateful for as it helps us work together as a team and builds a strong foundation for not only this season but future seasons when I am gone.”

Diego leaves the sport with much more confidence than her freshman self. Participating in her final league match, she broke her personal best and placed ninth. Diego appreciates the impact that golf has made athletically and personally.

This season, as it was a comeback compared to last year, the lady Vikings have much to learn and appreciate from this season. A season with many accomplishments per individual.

Having one more season to compete, Mia Ellingson, 11, awaits with much excitement using all the advice her fellow senior teammates have given her.

“This season has been fun and I really enjoy being with my team,” Ellingson said. “It was a learning experience and I will use what I learned this season for next year.”

With a finished season, the girls’ golf team has much to be proud of regarding their hard work and commitment. A season to remember, especially for those who leave and step into the next chapter in their lives.