A book’s worth of memories


Cindy Macias

On Wednesday, June 5, a group of friends look through the 2013-2014 yearbook, You Can Do That, in the gym during the Release Party hosted by this years yearbook staff. The party had a large turnout; with over 300 tickets sold to students.

Marilyn Ramirez, Copy Editor/Co-Editor-in-Chief

Following the eight grueling months of deadlines, the Yearbook staff decided to host its second annual Yearbook Signing Party on Wednesday, June 5, where students received their books almost a week early along with pizza and a free photo booth.

An improvement in numbers from last year’s event due to its increasing popularity – and perhaps the early release from students’ fifth period class – led to a full gymnasium with lines for food, yearbooks, and free photos. Editor-in-Chief Kaithlen Chiquete commented on the pride she had for her staff who documented the year’s events for their fellow classmates.


“I feel like we’ve accomplished a lot this year,” Chiquete said. “ We’ve definitely improved, and I think we have a good chance of getting an award.”

Since the staff attended a camp over the summer to plan the deadlines and come up with the yearbook’s theme, students expectations of the final product were met; Karel Rubio, 12, took advantage of the signing party to not only get out of class early, but to see what she had invested in.


“It’s our first time coming to [the yearbook signing party], Rubio said, “and the yearbooks look nice. It would’ve been cool to see prom pictures though, but I know it happens kind of later on in the year.”


Unlike Rubio and other attendees, students like Bianca Nevarez, 11, did not purchase a yearbook and instead used the event to spend time with her friends who did while getting food and photos.

“It’s fun; I have all my friends here,” Nevarez said. “I’m just signing yearbooks because I’m waiting until I’m a senior to get my own.”
The outcome of the party proved to be a successful one; students enjoyed the opportunity out of the classroom to sign each other’s yearbooks and praised its design as one to remember.