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Niomy Gomez

In B-111, at Downey High School, history teacher, Ms. Rauls, accomplishes what she has wanted since she was young: becoming a fully credentialed teacher. “I have been able to see the view of my education through the eyes of my teachers,” Rauls stated.

Esther Rodriguez, Parents & Teachers Section Editor

At the start of second semester, Ms. Rauls, a former student teacher of Ms. James and Mr. Glasser, began her first semester as an official history teacher.


Through student teaching, Ms. Rauls feels she learned how to make teaching fun for her students. She also feels Downey High School, in particular, taught her how to collaborate well with other department faculty members.


Ms. Rauls chose to become a teacher because she wanted to aid students as they are finding their identities during high school. Her favorite part of teaching has been seeing students’ different personalities come together in the classroom.


“I feel like teenagers are going through such a formative period in their life where they’re really finding their identities and finding out who they are,” Rauls said. “I love being there for that and seeing that.”


Senior Priscilla Rolon, who was in Ms. Rauls’ first period last semester, feels Ms. Rauls is more than qualified to be a teacher and cheer advisor, which Ms. Rauls is also training to become.


“Ms. Rauls is a very hands-on teacher,” Rolon said. “She’ll never neglect a student, and she’s always willing to put in her own time to help you really understand a concept.”


Senior Calyn Herrington, who was also in Ms. Rauls’ first period, thinks Ms. Rauls was very energetic and treated her class like they were a little family.


“She’s a great example of what it’s like to show love to students,” Herrington said. “Being energetic can actually have a positive impact on a class. Years later, kids won’t be able to forget Ms. Rauls class because of the type of person she is.”


Ms. Rauls is now an official member of our History Department, and she will also be the cheer advisor for the 2015-2016 school year.