The new, the better, and the change


Matthew Palencia

After transferring from Sussman Middle School in the fall of 2014, Mrs. Wilmoth now teaches English 10, for the first time at Downey High School, in the A building. “To be honest, I enjoy coming to school everyday to see what it can bring to me,” Wilmoth said. “It’s a job I have fun doing and that I love to do.”

Mireya Navarro, Staff Writer

After teaching at Sussman Middle School for 20 years, Kimberly Wilmoth, decided to make a change in her career by becoming a sophomore English teacher at Downey High.


She was sitting in her classroom during her prep period one day and said to herself, “I need a change.” She then filled out her transfer papers and gave them to her principal who told her that transferring doesn’t happen very often.


Wilmoth understood that, but still went for it.


“I took the chance because I was just ready for a change,” Wilmoth stated. “You can only read The Giver so many times.”


While filling out the paperwork, she noticed that the due date was on her birthday, so she felt like it was a sign and it seemed to be true. Mr. Houts, Downey High’s principal, called her within a few weeks and told her she had the job.


“I’m super excited for this school year,” Wilmoth said. “The kids are so much more mature and more focused on their studies. I also love seeing how my former students matured but still have the same personality.”


Wilmoth has goals for this new school year as well. She wants to keep pushing her students to do better as well as herself.


“I want to keep challenging the students but also myself,” Wilmoth stated. “It’s a totally different curriculum, so I’m working really hard and I hope my hard work pays off.”


Although the environment has changed, Wilmoth hopes for her students to have the best education and grades. If her students do not turn something in, she persistently asks them about it until they do.


Vanessa Herrera, 10, a present and former student of Wilmoth loves having her as a teacher.


“I love the fact that she’s on top of everything so you wont fall behind,” Herrera said. “She cares about her students and wants them to get a good grade in her class.”


Not only is Wilmoth helpful with her students, but she also has a great bond with them.


“Besides being a teacher, she’s also a friend, which is good.” Herrera stated. “I feel like we need more teachers like her in this school.”


If anyone ever needs help with something, whether it is schoolwork or personal issues, Wilmoth tries her best to be there.


Sophomore, Brieanna Guerrero, a former student of Mrs. Wilmoth wishes she had her as her English teacher again.


“She’s so helpful and sweet,” Guerrero said. “I would love to have her again. I, along with my friends, have a great relationship with her.”


Sometimes during snack, Guerrero and her friends go to her class to socialize with Mrs. Wilmoth. “Her class is always filled with kids during snack,” Guerrero stated. “Some of those kids never even had her before. She’s just so welcoming.”


Due to the bond she has with her students, she enjoys supporting them at their sporting events. “I also love going to the sporting events,” Wilmoth said. “I love seeing my students and former students play the sport that they love.”


All in all, Wilmoth hopes to have a great first year at Downey High. She hopes to achieve her goals but also have fun while doing what she loves to do.