Wild for wings


Juan Munguia

On Wed., Jan. 7, a new Wing-Stop location opens in front of Downey High to give more restaurant options to Downey residents. “ Finally I can eat wings after school without having to walk far,” senior Edgar Ramirez said.

Lola Rodriguez, Student Life Editor

The grand opening students were anticipating, Wing Stop, a fast food restaurant specializing in chicken wings, arrived on Jan. 7 across the street from campus.

Minutes after the dismissal bell rang, students raced off campus and anxiously waited in the lengthy line, which stretched outside the door, for various flavored chicken wings at the new Wing Stop located on Firestone, next to Coffee Bean, another popular spot for students.

Junior Aryana Dantic, an extreme wing lover was thrilled when she discovered the opening of a Wing Stop so close to school. Wing Stop is one of the junior’s favorite restaurants and she eats there frequently with friends.

“It’s better because if we [Dantic and her friends] want Wing Stop, we don’t have to go all the way to Bellflower,” Dantic said. “It’s convenient.”

Dantic said that although this location is convenient for a quick bite after school, Dantic will not visit it on non-school days because she lives closer to the Bellflower location. She feels the Firestone location is a perfect choice; however, being in the center of Downey and making it convenient for residents and even more so for Downey High students.

Senior Edgar Ramirez and Wing Stop fanatic thinks the new addition and location of Wing Stop is perfect for students to eat after school. Among Ramirez’s list of favorite foods, chicken wings are his favorite.

“I’m so excited; I’m pumped,” Ramirez said. “It’s the best thing that’s happened. When I heard, my heart started pounding and my mouth started watering.”

Wing Stop Manager Maria Lopez gets first hand interaction with the after school hours student rush. Lopez explained that although the restaurant is going to often be crowded with students, her employees will get adjusted to the fast paced environment of the restaurant.

“Most of our employees are new and barely being trained, so the first day opening was pretty hectic,” Lopez said.

Wing Stop is not only a convenient location for students to socialize and eat, adults and sports fanatics frequent the chain due to their televisions which are often likely to play sport related programs.

Wing Stop is located 8558 Firestone Blvd., and has special promotions including .50 cent wings on Mondays and Tuesdays, the flavors vary from ‘Atomic,’ the hottest flavor, to Teriyaki, the sweetest and everything in between to satisfy any wing lovers craving.