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U.C. Decisions Release

Francesca Ortiz, Writer March 26, 2019

Starting March, Downey High School students are starting to receive letters of admission from the public and private universities they applied to in the fall.  Some of the most anticipated results...

Making an account for her college application on Oct. 1, Leslie Lira, 12, mentions how she finds coming to the college workshop very helpful due to time and how busy she is. “I find it helpful because I’m the first generation to go to college,” Lira said. “I use all my resources to help me so I took it as an advantage.”

Seniors Begin College Applications

Jasmine Fernandez, Editor-In-Chief October 10, 2018

As with every year’s graduating class, the beginning of the school year brings responsibilities in the form of college applications, essays, scholarships, and financial aid forms. This is no different...

Before the November deadline, senior Desiree Flores looks over the information for colleges that she applied to, such as UCs and Cal States, to review her options. “It can be stressful when you leave everything at the last minute,” Flores stated.

The next big step

Mireya Navarro, Staff Writer December 21, 2014

Throughout the month of November, seniors at Downey High stress over college applications. Though their English teachers tried to encourage them to make college applications their first priority, many...

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