The Downey Legend

Cultural Appropriation

Chelsea Mendoza , Staff Writer / Photographer October 23, 2015

In a racial dispute on Instagram, Kylie Jenner was bashed by Hunger Games star Amandla Stenberg for posting a harmless selfie with cornrows, during the summer of 2015.   Stenberg questioned...

Rocking the hallways of Downey High School, Noah Castillo, 11, wears the man bun, a currently trending hair-do of 2015. “I liked the look ever since I saw it in YouTube,” Castillo said. “I started to wear the trend my sophomore year of 2015.”

Are Man Buns Fab or a Total Drag?

Melissa Hernandez, Staff Writer October 21, 2015

Since bursting onto the fashion scene in 2014, the man bun has become wildly popular, and even students Noah Castillo and Hanz Garcia rock the hair do.   However, for those with the updo,...

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