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Arts and awards

On May 24, Daisy Watson displays a copy of her old book art as the first place winner of the 20th Annual Lucille Roybal- Allard Student Art Competition. “I named my art Sailing Through Thoughts because sometimes you recap into the past, ” Watson said. “ It is better to pass them in order to move into future goals.”

Joey Flores, News Editor

June 4, 2013

Artist-in-the-making, Daisy Watson, 12, proved her creative talent after winning several awards for her work in the past few weeks, one of them being the first place prize at the 20th Annual Lucille Roybal-Allard Student Art Competition on April 20. Watson declared her love for the subject ever since...

An artist aiming to be better

Irene Luna, Editor-in-Cheif

February 1, 2010

Ever since he was young, senior Craig Florio has been fascinated by art, and his own work is almost otherworldly. Florio is currently enrolled in two art classes. “Technically, I have three art classes because I still attend one that I’m not scheduled to, but on my actual schedule, it says I have...

A passion for drawing

Yvette Trujillo

December 2, 2009

Senior Andy Velazquez has roamed the halls for four years and finally found that he is most passionate about devoting himself to drawing every day of the week. “Well, I like his artwork because they’re very detailed in a variety of ways,” said his friend Allen Ramirez, “and they’re very...

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