A passion for drawing

Yvette Trujillo

Senior Andy Velazquez has roamed the halls for four years and finally found that he is most passionate about devoting himself to drawing every day of the week.

“Well, I like his artwork because they’re very detailed in a variety of ways,” said his friend Allen Ramirez, “and they’re very trippy.”

He’s been drawing everyday for about a year and carries his sketch book with him at all times. His favorite subjects to draw include eyes, spiders, and suns.

“I draw all the time,” said Velazquez, “Well, in class mostly.”

Teachers have to constantly tell him to put his sketchbook away. He uses several materials like: paint, prisma colors, prisma markers, sharpies, spray, paint, and ink. Velazquez likes to draw on paper, skin, shoes, backpack, and anything else he can get his hands on.

“I like his shoes because they are colorful and they stand out,” said classmate Javier Murillo.

In his current drawing class he just entered an art contest for the Fifth Annual Lucerne. Velazquez recently bought a tattoo gun and began learning on himself. Other than tattoos, Velazquez wants to go to the Art Institute to study to become a graphic designer. Velazquez is inspired by his surroundings and his dedication for drawing will take him far in life.