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Five Question with AP coordinator Tina Carlson

Five Question with AP coordinator Tina Carlson

Rodas Hailu, Co-Editor-in-Chief

May 17, 2013

After two weeks of extensive testing, English teacher Tina Carlson reflects on her twelve years of proctoring Advanced Placement exams.   Q: How were you chosen to be in charge of the testing? A: When Ms. Lucke, the former AP Coordinator, was promoted to vice principal, Mr. Layne, the DHS...

Words from the wise

Marilyn Ramirez, Copy Editor/Co-Editor-in-Chief

June 21, 2012

With the many questions juniors hold in regards to college and the application process, seniors held the Senior to Junior Q&A on June 8, in the DHS library. They provided aid to future applicants with the stressful decisions that come with applying for education after high school. “This was...

Spring time testing

Spring time testing

Jessica Xilo, Parents & Teachers Editor

May 11, 2012

As the end of the year approaches, underclassmen must prepare for the spring California Standards Tests, which are reported to the state to measure academic achievement. Every year, the STAR Program evaluates progress in math, reading, writing, science, and history. The performance levels are measured...

AP Testing: Stress squared

AP Testing: Stress squared

Brandon Pineda, News Editor

May 11, 2011

As Advanced Placement tests are rolling in, students are frantically preparing to pass the hardest tests of the year. Advanced Placement testing takes place in the first two weeks of May. Students who take the class and pass the test may obtain college credit for their future universities. The respective...

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