Spring time testing


During May, all underclassmen are required to take their annual California Standard Tests, in their fourth period classes, to assess their skills in each subject. Seniors were excused until late morning because they are not required to take the tests.

Jessica Xilo, Parents & Teachers Editor

As the end of the year approaches, underclassmen must prepare for the spring California Standards Tests, which are reported to the state to measure academic achievement.

Every year, the STAR Program evaluates progress in math, reading, writing, science, and history. The performance levels are measured by categories, including Advanced, Proficient, Basic, Below Basic, and Far Below Basic. In order to accomplish a successful testing period, preparation for the annual tests begins a couple of weeks in advance.

Some teachers review through worksheets, and others refer to previous notes. No matter the approach, they are all aware of the importance of illustrating the learning accumulated throughout the year.


Freshmen are familiar with the STAR Program, but it will be the first time they take the exams in high school.


“I’m trying not to get so worked up about it, especially since I just found out there is no essay for the english category, but for math, I am studying, reviewing, and going to tutoring,” freshman Brittany Lorenzana said. “I feel, as always, nervous about them and being a freshman makes it more serious and important, but I know it’s not the end of world.”

It may seem challenging at first to remember so much information, but students know that they have the support from their instructors.

“I am taking the time to study on my own, but it really helps that different teachers are helping us review what we learned earlier in the year,” freshman Chanel Villanueva said.

In addition to the standards tests, some students are also studying for Advanced Placement exams. Luckily, most AP and honors courses are reviewing material that the state will assess.

“It’s [state testing] totally easier than AP testing. Since we are focusing on AP tests, we are preparing for the harder version of the tests,” junior Christina Lee Gibbs said. “We have prepared a lot in APUSH and we are taking practice exams before the actual tests.”

The tests will be administered throughout the first three weeks of May. Students will be sharpening their number two pencils and hitting the books, so that they may hopefully earn a score at one of the top levels of performance.