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Jezabel Perez
Newcomer to Downey High’s newspaper, The Downey Legend, Jezabel Perez, 10, joins the podcast team. Perez is part of the Kiwin's Club, a community service club that helps those who are in need. She tends to keep to herself due to her shyness, but once people get to know her and talk to her, she will become more open and freindly. Perez is caring and kind hearted, as she participates in The Thirst Project, an organization that uses the money they receive to build wells in developing countries and going around the nation to educate people, mainly students about the world water crisis.


Planning to become a social worker or a physical therapist, Perez wishes to assist those who are in need, by being someone who people can go to when they need help, as shy as she may be Perez is a great listener. “It’s a satisfying feeling that I cannot define,” Perez stated. “However, it’s a wonderful feeling of being capable to provide support for someone.”

Jezabel Perez, Podcaster

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Jezabel Perez