Track and Field: The Love for Running

Diego Martinez and Xenia Pena

Speed, technique, and endurance on the track has united those who enjoy sports. The constant training, discipline, and attention to physical health are costs many are willing to pay. At Downey High, it is no different as students in track and field dedicate time and effort to participate in track.


Student Hector Garcia, 10, has enjoyed competition and running from a young age. His love for racing and winning against peers has influenced him to join the track team at Downey High. Garcia’s pursuit of becoming a professional runner stems from his dedication to a promise he made to a childhood friend.


“I remember all those years ago when I would race with my friend, I promised him I would go pro,” Garcia stated. “Joining the track team has surely helped me surpass personal goals and I’m keeping that promise to my friend.”


Students clinging on to promises is not the only motivation many have in track. Junior Katia Arriaga enjoys the thrill and excitement in races. She dedicates her time and energy to track in order to be united with teammates and enjoy the thrill of racing.

“The friendships and family bonds are what keep me going in this sport,” Arriaga stated. “Knowing that not only my friends keep me going, but that I also enjoy running, is a blessing.”


Arriaga manages her time in track with school by keeping a clear head throughout the day. Similarly, sophomore Andrew Henriquez explains that even the biggest obstacles in track, such as injuries, and rigorous training, are not enough to hold him back. School work gets in the way of regular practices, but he manages. Henriquez’s passion for sports has never let him down.


“Honestly the time management is one of the hardest part, but I think anyone can [handle it],” Henriquez stated. “The amount of friends, experience, and fun you’ll have is enough to satisfy you to keep going.”


The dedication, promise, and love these runners have for track catalyzes their success and perseverance through the obstacles.