Last Basketball Game of the Year

Amanda Davila, Staff Writer

The quarterfinals of the CIF basketball game took place at Downey High School on Tuesday, Feb. 22 at 7 PM. After four quarters of the game, Downey came out short with a 36-51 defeat against John W. North High School in the quarterfinals.


As the time was quickly coming to an end, basketball players from both teams rushed down the court trying to change the momentum of the game in hopes of ending with strong energy.


Seniors started running up to the basket trying to make this last game memorable.


As the 2016-2017 season approaches, number 22, junior, Justin Reyes, is looking forward to being a senior on the varsity team. He appreciates the team’s support and the family bond he has gained from basketball.


“The whole team brings a lot of support and makes you want to play better as an individual,” Reyes said. “We had a great season and I am excited to see what happens next year.”


As the basketball players from Downey High huddled up one last time, they reflected on the successful season of 2015-2016 and are ready for what the future awaits, whether it is college basketball or playing another year on Downey’s team.

Playing his last high school basketball game, number 3, senior, Matthew Ingersoll, believes basketball changed his life.


“Basketball has created a huge impact in my life; it made me who I am today,” Ingersoll said. “I hope and pray that we all continue to be successful in what we choose to do in life.”


The season officially came to an end, but the support from, not only the team, but also, Downey High School’s student body remains evident.


Surrounding himself with motivation and support from the team, number 12, junior, Aaron Garcia, shares words of encouragement for his team.


“The whole season this team has done nothing but work hard and motivate each other step by step,” Garcia said. “I want the seniors to work hard in college and the juniors to focus on next season.”


Although the Vikings were confident they would gain this victory, the quarterfinals did not go as anticipated, but they remain strong with the support from Viking Nation. The boys will stay motivated and train harder as they continue to focus on their basketball careers and future goals.