Bears defeat vikings

Downey plays against Warren, at Justice Stadium on Feb. 3, where captain Joshua Hernandez (#8) goes for a header to pass the ball to another teammate. “It was late in the game, and I was trying to give the team an extra push for momentum,” Hernandez stated.

Sabrina Picou, Editor-In-Chief

On Tuesday, Feb. 3, at 6 p.m., Downey’s boys varsity soccer team played against Warren at Warren’s home field. The final score was 2-0 with Warren defeating the Downey Vikings.


Warren made their first move when they scored first goal by putting all of their players, except one, on defense. It went on for two hours with Warren making two goals in the first half. During the second half, the game picked up speed with players who started to play with more desire to win. No goals were made by either team in the second half.


Number 3, Robyn Ortega, 12, explains how the rivalry builds pressure before the big game.


“Everyone expects you to win and to do it for your school; a lot of people come out to watch this game and it is important because it distinguishes which team is the best one in Downey,” Ortega said. “You begin to feel nervous and start to mentally prepare your moves for that game.”


Soccer parents showed up to support at the classic rival game. The crowds on both sides roared as the players scored a goal or plummeted to the floor.


Martha Villegas shares why it is important to attend all of her son’s games and why this game is one of the most significant.


“The teams are both from the city of Downey and I like to see the rivalry and of course to support my son,” Villegas said.


The Downey vs. Warren rivalry has been alive since Warren High was founded in 1955. Both teams go into the game with the pressure of this respectful tradition.


Downey’s number 7, Cristian Chavez, 11, admitted his performance during the Downey vs. Warren game was not his prime performance.


“I felt like I let the rivalry get to my head and it made me not play my game,” Chavez said.


When asked about the outcome of the game coach Marvin Mires shared how he felt about his team’s performance.


“We played a good game we just couldn’t make it into the goal,” Mires said.


Although the game was not what the Vikings anticipated they will play their last game of the season will be Feb. 11, at 4:30 p.m., against Dominguez High at Dominguez’s home field.