The final season

The final season

A successful season came to an end but not without quality performances from all sports including, swim, track and field, and boys volleyball. Senior Andrew Gonzalez earned the CIF title on May 19 for pole vaulting, a track and field event.

Norma Flores, Sports Editor

After CIF titles were won by the girls volleyball team during the Fall and the girls soccer team during the Winter, there were high expectations to what the Spring season held for the Downey Vikings.

The season consists of boys volleyball, swim, track and field, baseball, softball, and tennis. Although they had their ups and downs, in the end there was much to be proud of.

The boys volleyball team, began with pre-season when they played teams out of their league in order to gain experience as a team. The team failed to defeat the Bears in the widely expected game vs. Warren, but did not make it the end of their season. Placing 2nd in league, they earned the opportunity to go to the first round of CIF. Unfortunately, their dream was cut short when they were unable to compete at the high level of the opposing team.

Both girls and boys swim had a successful seasons; the boys 10-3, and the girls 11-1. They too had a team consisting of 10 boys and 10 girls competing at the CIF Championships.

“I thought this year was a step up”, Peter Roldan, 12, said. “We beat Warren, and became San Gabriel Valley League Champions in swim; what more could we want?”

As the season progressed, so did the baseball team. Their record improved throughout the season, resulting in becoming the San Gabriel Valley League Champions. After league, the team continued to CIF, where they were defeated in the second round.

“We were not expecting to get this far,” Coach Gonzalez, said, “this season exceeded expectations and we hope to get farther next year,” Gonzalez said.

Track and field too had its accomplishment, being a division 1 team, competition is tougher. The team had a combined total of 8 athletes representing the vikes at the CIF championships. The highlight of the season, however, came with senior Andrew Gonzalez when he won the CIF Championship title in pole vaulting.

“As a senior, I wanted to come out strong and be remembered as one of the best in what I do”, said Andrew Gonzalez “and that’s exactly what I did,”

The pole vaulting champ not only won CIF, but made it to the Masters Meet, where, although he did not place there.

The season was full of accomplishments for the teams, and the Vikings were able to finish a strong year in sports. Next year only holds higher expectations for the many young teams on campus.