Varsity swim crush the Lancers

Norma Flores, Sports Editor

After an easy win against St. Joseph’s by the girls varsity swim team, and a loss by the boys against St. John Bosco, the Vikings searched to redeem themselves against the Bell Gardens Lancers on March 29, at 3 p.m., at the Downey Aquatic Center.

The meet started promptly with the medley relays, which were won by the Vikes with 4 second leads in the boys varsity relays, they competed against each other because the Lancers did not have a relay. The Lady Vikes medley relay, consisting of Lishteri Curiel, 10, Faith Hundtoft, 12 , Norma Flores 11, and Meghan Nevarez, 11, made their CIF consideration time in the medley relay.

The Lancers seemed to be no match for the Vikes in almost any events. Some events such as the 500 free and the medley relays for boys were competed amongst each other, with no competition from the opposing team. Nevarez attempted to make CIF for the 100 free, which consisted of swimming 4 laps free style under 58 seconds, she qualified with a time of 57.66 seconds.

“ I always just try my best, and I give it my all in every race like it was the last,” Nevarez said. “It’s the only way I can always leave with that feeling of accomplishment.”

The boys varsity team, too, attempted to qualify for the 200 medley relay and succeeded.

“Coach D told us that if we made CIF then we wouldn’t have to swim the 4 by 100 free relay for the rest of the season,” Manuel Fernandez said. “With that much at stake, we just went out there and dominated.”

It was not a really competitive meet, since there was much of a varsity team, but it proved to be a meet full of success.

“We work hard; some sets include swimming about 4,000 yards. If it’s what it takes to make my swimmers faster, then I will do it,” Coach Castro said. “ A little sourness never hurt any one.”

Both boys and girls continue to work harder than ever, as league is right around the corner. This meet served as a way to relax and get ready for the busy schedule ahead of them next week as they take on three consecutive meets, and their first league meet of the season.