Girls varsity basketball fumble their way into a loss


Viking and Bear fans alike watch as Rayana Villalpando, 12, shoots a foul shot at the annual Downey vs. Warren girls basketball game on Wednesday, Jan. 11 at Warren High School. Vikings were not victorious as the game ended with a final score 51-40.

Norma Flores, Sports Editor

The varsity basketball girls played the rivalry game away, on Warren’s turf on Jan. 11 at 5:15 pm. The game would end with a victory for the Bears, but not without the Lady Vikes giving them a fight.

First possession of the ball went to Warren, and with only a few seconds into the game they managed to put in the first shot. After, Kaylan Lane, 12, took out the ball, the Lady Vikes worked their way down to offense. As the girls neared the front court offense, the ball was passed to the open player on the outside, and the first three point shot was scored giving Downey a small lead in the game.

“Going into the game, many people expected us to lose and not be in the game at all, but I was proud that at the end it was a close game and now were preparing for round two,” Anissa Segura, 12, said.

The first quarter passed with fast breaks from both Warren and Downey, but there were many mistakes on both sides of the court, which contributed to a very fast paced game. With only a few minutes left in the second quarter, the Vikes managed to steal the ball from the Bears. Warren felt the pressure as guard Kristin Johnson, 11, went for a lay up shot and was fouled, giving Downey an opportunity for a three-point play.  The play earned the Lady Vikes some momentum and the first half of the game ended with a score of 28-16, with the Bears in lead.

Third quarter quickly began and both teams were anxious to start the game. The first possession went to Warren, but there was no shot as they lost the ball.

“Our goal during this game was to slow down their offense and shut down their key player #22,” Lane, 12, said.

Both sides of the court felt the heat during the third quarter. The teams were losing possession of the ball due to poor ball control on offense, but at the end of the third quarter Warren was up 37-29.

“I just tried to get open, and help the ball on offense,” Johnson, 11, said. “We all wanted the win and I was just trying to help the team.”

The Downey Vikings did not give up, and they pushed through the fourth quarter. The girls tried putting shots in until the last minute of the game. Despite their efforts the Lady Vikes fell short and the win went to Warren High. The fight ended with a final score of 51-40, the game was not an easy win for the Bears as they had to fight to win against the Vikings.