Rallying for a spot on the tennis team

Rallying for a spot on the tennis team

During tennis tryouts freshman Ope Bolaji attempts to hit the ball on May 24. “Between jv and varsity 32 girls made the team” coach Diego explained.

Angelica Co, Student Life Editor

In preparation for the 2011 fall sports season, the girls tennis team, led by Coach Diego, held tryouts on May 23 and 24. About 40 aspiring members showed off their skills but only 18 were chosen to be a part of next school year’s team.

Similar to the previous years, both graduating and returning players attended the tryouts to assist in feeding the balls. The current tennis players reunited and returning members like Caroline Tran had the opportunity to observe on who they will be playing with in the upcoming season.

It’s always fun attending the tryouts because I get to see all my teammates and friends who I haven’t seen since tennis season ended,” Tran said. “I also get to meet the new team members for next year.”

Being a part of the sport requires dedicated athletes who are willing to improve at their talent. Experience will surely enhance the abilities of the tennis players, but confidence also proves to be of importance. An individual’s capability to hit the ball was not the sole necessity; excellent footwork and strength were a few of the many aspects the coaches looked for.

“We look for basic tennis fundamentals,” Coach Diego said. “For example, coordination or how well the girls move around the court to get to the ball, their ability to hit the ball, and their effort on the court.”

With the Lady Vikes advancing to CIF last fall, pressure is put on the new team to live up the previous achievement. Coach Diego is certain with the aptitude of her newly chosen team, and new player Minji Kim is confident in regards to her and her fellow players’ capabilities.

“I think that we will do pretty well next season,” Kim said. “I am confident about the others who made it. They have great potential to excel.”

This school year consisted of a great number of returning seniors, thus, many new comers have been welcomed to continue on the Viking dominance. With only a few months of experience, improvement is certainly one of the goals of sophomore Lily Sol Kim.

“I plan on improving by practicing more thoroughly and taking in advice from my fellow tennis players,” Sol Kim said. “I want to be confident and proud to be able to stand on that court and play the games without any hesitation or regret.”

The upcoming girls tennis team consists of players willing to face any challenges they will encounter on the court. With summer practice in Aug., and only a few months away from fall season, the Lady Vikes will surely be ready for their first pre-season game on Sept. 8 against Lakewood.