Boys’ Volleyball faces a heartbreaking loss to Warren: 0-3

Boys Volleyball faces a heartbreaking loss to Warren: 0-3

Teaming up to block the ball from their opponent, players Matt Lostetter and Juan Vasquez succeed at hitting the ball over to Warrens’ side of the court on May 5. Although the team suffered a loss of 0 to 3, they’re determined to continue fighting for a chance to play in CIF.

John Franco, Sports Editor

With every second on the clock seeming to move slower and slower, the boys volleyball team faced a tough, heart breaking loss against their cross town rivals with a final score of 0-3.

Quickly into the first out of three periods, the Viking’s had the lead of 4-1. With the crowd rooting and cheering them on, the moment seemed to be one that would continue for the rest of the game, but unfortunately the boys couldn’t keep their momentum and tied at 5-5.

The first period continued with a great set-up by the boys and starter Matt Lostetter spiked the ball into the opposing court. But with their efforts and continued court setups, the boys still didn’t manage to catch up, finishing the first period with a score of 21-25.

“We really gave it our best and we really tried, honestly we did but we had no success,” team member Dallas Lopez said.

Going into the second period was a struggle after their loss in the first. With Warren in the advantage the Viking volleyball team had no choice but to catch up.

“We were determined and we weren’t going to let the first game bring us down,” enter Matt Lostetter said.

With Warren’s continuous spikes and put aways the boys ended up trailing behind in the second period with a score of 14-25.

“No loss of hope yet, I knew we still had a chance,” left center Juan Vasquez said.

Now in the third period, the Vikes experiened some sort of discussion with a time out called by the referees due to a faulty call. It turned out to be a faulty overhand net call and the boys were honored one point.

Despite this the boys still lost the third quarter with a score of 19-25 and a final score in the game of 0-3.