Marquess carries Vikings through to quarterfinals

Crystal Fresquez

In the second round CIF match, the Viking boys’ volleyball squad overcame the hosting Temple City Rams, by a tally of 3-2.

“So many emotions were going through my mind on the way to the game; I was nervous and excited,” senior David Rivera said. “Nervous due to all that was on the line that game, [because] the pressure was intense but I was excited to play and smash!”

Vikings struggled the first two games of the match trailing with end scores of 25-19 and 25-23.
Several points into the third game, senior and four-year varsity player Dylan Marquess tweaked his knee and fell to the ground. Once Marquess took a stand the fire was lit and the Vikings took charge of the rest match.

“After getting up from my knee injury during the second game I felt something change within the team,” Captain Marquess said. “It seemed as if there was more fight in their hearts than before. They were making extra effort plays that weren’t normally seen.”

Points were answered throughout the match but the Vikings remained on top, winning the last games 25-21, 25-21, and 15-8. Leaving the match at a 3-2 win in Downey’s favor.

“As the captain of the team there was nothing more that I wanted from them; it takes a lot being down two games to none and end up winning the entire match,” Marquess said. “After speaking to the team once the game finished they informed me that they knew I was going to get up and fight for our season, so they returned the favor.”

The Vikes carried the intensity all the way through and received the win they needed to continue to the quarterfinals.

“I feel that they were a lot better than people expected and they were very exciting to watch because they surprised a lot of people,” devoted fan Tyler Ellis said.

The Vikings faced the El Segundo Eagles in a brutal quarterfinal losing 3-1 ending their season with an 11-6 record. Although their season came to an end the boys’ volleyball team accomplished more then anyone expected. They proved that with hard work and determination any goal could be reached.