Save California: Vote No On The Recall

Catherine Quinones, Writer

On Sept. 14, voters in California will make a decision which drastically impacts the future of our state- should Gavin Newsom be recalled from the office of Governor? If 50 percent or more citizens vote no, then Newsom rightfully remains in office, victorious against the 46 ineligible Republican candidates. 


Empowering the current scrutiny of Newsom was his COVID-19 mandates, amid the threatening pandemic. Numerous responses criticized his ‘Stay at Home’ orders, specifically from former vice chairman of the Republican Party, Harmeet Dhillon, who claims “ the governor overstepped his bounds, ” in her interview with Associated Press, showcasing ignorance to the imminent dangers which plague the state.


The Coronavirus is a highly infectious illness which is easily transmitted from inhaling contaminated respiratory fluids, touching surfaces containing the virus, or deposition of tainted particles onto exposed mucous membranes according to the CDC. We simply cannot dismiss the science behind a disease which has taken the many lives of our loved ones. In order to contain a conflict of such gravity, Newsom’s executive orders were justified and had to be issued in order to prevent an uncontrollable number of citizens from getting sick.


Voters will also be asked who they would like to see replace our current Governor. Republican candidate, Larry Elder, takes the lead for his party’s poll results and is favored to replace Newsom. However, Elder’s conservative rhetoric condemns Roe v. Wade which provides women the legal right to safe abortions. He declares in an interview with the KQED radio station that the ruling was “one of the worst decisions that the Supreme Court ever handed down.” Already fearing Texas’ restrictive abortion laws, California is at risk for women losing the liberty to govern their own bodies if Elder is voted into office. This liberating feeling of choice- something we have worked endlessly for- could simply be ripped away from our hands if Newsom is replaced.


How much more can our nation sustain during these times of uncertainty? We are a progressive state that is seemingly regressing to a costly period of reconstruction amid political division. Already, 215 million dollars has been used to fund the recall as announced by the LA Times. This has yet to include all the extra sacrifices being made by the American people who are waging a war to defend their natural rights. So, save California from a limited future and vote no on the recall.