Students save lives at Spring Blood Drive

Students save lives at Spring Blood Drive

Doing his part by donating during the blood drive, Dallas Lopez gives a pint of blood to save three lives. The American Red Cross Association comes to Downey twice every year for the drive in the fall and the spring.

Students and staff came together in an effort to save lives on June 8 for the American Red Cross Association Spring Blood Drive.  This event marked the second blood drive of the year and garnered 500 pints of blood, saving approximately 1,500 lives.

For some students, this was the first opportunity to donate due to the recent 16-year-old rule.  Sixteen-year-olds had the chance to give blood with the consent of a parent, which spurred the excitement for young rookies.  Junior Kimberly Matamoros came to the blood drive as a newbie and left as a proud donor.

“I was finally brave enough to do it this year,” Matamoros said.  “It’s really great to be able to say that I gave blood.”

However, amongst these inexperienced donors were returning givers.  Senior Jenna Redd gave blood a total of five times in her life-three of them being at school blood drives.

“I’ve given blood three times at school,” Redd said, “I keep giving because I think it is a great cause.”

Generous students like Redd and Matamoros and the teamwork of ASB and the American Red Cross Association made this event a great achievement.  Coming into this blood drive ASB Commissioner of Human Relations, Sara Paik, had a goal of 500 pints and successfully met that goal.  Paik had been in charge of the Blood Drive as an ASB member and will pass down her baton to sophomore Justine Ayon, who has big plans for the blood drives to come.

“I want to increase the amount of people that are willing to donate, not just miss class,” Ayon said.

With new goals for the future and accomplished achievements set this year, the blood drive is sure to continue thriving. This year, ASB, the Red Cross, and donors new and experienced alike made this event worth every drop.