Inspirational people added to the Hall of Fame

Inspirational people added to the Hall of Fame

After being presented with their awards for the Hall of Fame induction, Alan Shiller, Jeanne Brewer (representing her father George Cade), James Hetfield, and Bob Dye stand together with the Downey City Mayor, Luis Marquez, in the theatre, on May 27. The 2011 Hall of Famers included Special Inductee James Hetfield, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the heavy metal band Metallica.

Elizabeth Contreras

The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony tradition resulted in the congregation of Downey Board of Education members, teachers, and former students on May 27 in the theatre to honor the new alumni inductees, Including Metallica’s James Hetfield, to the C-building Hall of Fame.

One inductee who was honored under the “special circumstance” category because of his short stay at Downey High School was the co-founder, rhythm guitarist, and lead vocalist James Hetfield of the Grammy Award winning heavy metal band: Metallica. Hetfield expressed a variety of feelings toward his high school years, but one that seemed to surpass amongst them all was appreciation for the strength he gained.

“Although high school brought many mixed emotions, it definitely made me stronger,” James Hetfield, Metallica frontman, said,”so, it’s good to come back to Downey High once more and give students hope.”

A creation to render inspirational movement for students and community members alike, the induction ceremony is established under a few main guidelines. There will always be six recognized categories chosen: Arts, Athletics, Education, Civic/Community/Government, Business, and Professional.  Another guideline is that the nominee would have to be a Downey High School graduate, except under special circumstance. Two other guidelines are: the nominee will have maintained a positive manner since leaving high school and shall wait a minimum of ten years after graduating high school to become eligible.

Numerous performances by Jazz Choir and Jazz Band members were made to entertain guests with some music delights that varied from: “You Don’t Love Me Like You Used To” to even Rihanna’s jazzed up “Umbrella” hit. One by one, inductees were presented by either family members or long-time friends accompanied by stories filled with humor, and inspiration many attendees felt.

“It is an absolute honor to be here; I have extreme gratitude towards everyone who made this happen, it just makes me a happy man… and the speeches with delightful vernacular,” Former Cal State Fullerton head coach inductee Bob Dye said.

As many people who attended the ceremony would say, speeches were “heart-warming,” “comical,” and “inspirational.” They were expected to bring motivation to current and future students to thrive for success and bring pride to their school as well as their community.

“Mistakes are not the end, they’re simply a part of the process, so don’t give up too easily,” former M.I.T. Alumni and environmental scientist inductee Alan M. Shiller said.

The Inductees will sure make an impression on students to come. Although approximately 4000 other peers surround a student, the possibility of shining through and becoming an inspiration is evident.