“Hide and Seek” coming soon!

Larissa Hernandez

Drama and suspense are brought to campus in Mr. Hansen’s newest production “Hide and Seek”, a play written by Lezley Harvar. This production will debut Feb. 2nd and run until the 6th. The play includes aspiring actors such as Elena Ortiz, Jose Zuniga, Annkia Vega and many more.

The plot behind this play deals with couple Richard and Jennifer Crawford, played by Jose Zuniga and Elena Ortiz, who have been married for 18 years and are moving from the city into an old farmhouse. This long time couple deals with a tough move, having their lights and plumbing fail, making it a difficult restoration. An unknown neighbor, who gives the couple an odd gift in the form of a Bible, introduces mystery to the production. Mrs. Crawford begins to feel uneasy as she claims to see a young girl on the swings creating the climax to the production.

Senior Jose Zuniga, who has been acting since he was a child, takes on the lead role of Richard Crawford.

He described his role as, “a confident businessman in his late 30s, early 40s.”

Zuniga says his role brings insight and reveals a lot about the other characters; he as well brings warmth and some comedic relief. Zuniga, who is normally involved in comedies, hopes to broaden his acting roles with this play.

Senior Elena Ortiz, who has been acting throughout her whole life, plays Jennifer Crawford the spouse of Richard Crawford. Ortiz has been involved in Downey’s Drama Department for two years.

Ortiz says that Mrs. Crawford is a city driven woman who is pregnant and nervous about the move.

“She might be keeping a few secrets of her own,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz’s character, just like the others, intensifies the anonymity of this theatrical production.

Senior Annika Vega plays the role of Martha Turner, the maid. She has been involved and interested in drama since the 7th grade and is in her second year in acting.

“I believe my character foreshadows many events in the play,” Vega said.

It is apparent that each of these characters gives the play its mysterious and suspenseful appeal. It will be exciting to see how Downey’s Drama Department will pull this off; no doubt about it, it will certainly be successful.