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Adding sass to class

Larissa Hernandez June 2, 2010

Out of the many teachers on campus, Mr. Casarez changes the standards of the “average” teacher by coordinating pastel colored ensembles with skinny belts to give himself a vintage flair. Casarez,...

Voltaire flair

Larissa Hernandez April 30, 2010

Words of wit fill the pages of sophomore Honors English students as they are assigned to create their own Voltaire-inspired satires. After reading Voltaire’s Candide, Ms. Kasner’s and Ms. Hill’s...

Actletic courage

Larissa Hernandez March 31, 2010

Dimmed lights, eight chairs, and witty actletes filled the stage as the team went against Irvine at the first Comedy Sportz game of the season in the school’s new theatre on March 3rd. This month’s...

“Hide and Seek” coming soon!

Larissa Hernandez February 1, 2010

Drama and suspense are brought to campus in Mr. Hansen’s newest production “Hide and Seek”, a play written by Lezley Harvar. This production will debut Feb. 2nd and run until the 6th. The play includes...

Rap star turned rock star

Larissa Hernandez February 1, 2010

Infamous rapper Lil Wayne adds rock ‘n’ roll to his musical résumé with his seventh studio album: “Rebirth” set to debut Feb. 2, 2010. Lil Wayne pays homage to his muse, the Beastie Boys, by...

Pin-Up with a twist

Larissa Hernandez December 2, 2009

The underground art of Pin-Up photography is arising on the web thanks to junior, Katie Torres, who started a website that displays her own photography of pin-up modeling. Pin-Up is a type of art that...

Classic rock makes a comeback

Larissa Hernandez November 3, 2009

Harmonix does it again in its third release with The Beatles: Rock Band, one of the most anticipated games of the year. This video game incorporates classics from The Beatles into modern technology. Featuring...

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