Covid-19 Q&A with Mrs.Hudson and Isabella Ramirez

As one may already know, the Coronavirus has been trending all over the world which is why we’ve decided to hear out a DHS student and teacher about their thoughts on the matter. 


Here is what Isabella Ramirez, 10 and Mrs.Hudson, an AP teacher think.


Has the pandemic affected you or your family in any way? 


Hudson: Absolutely.  I used to see my roles as teacher and mom as separate…but now they are merging.  I’m not the high school teacher I have been for the last 16 years, I’m now an online teacher.  I’m also homeschooling my preschool-age boys. I feel like my role has really changed. 


Ramirez: This pandemic has made me more worried for my family, especially my grandparents since they are at a higher risk. The thing that has changed is that our whole lifestyle has been completely shifted. Now, everything is done online and we have rarely gone outside. 


How has did your family react to the news?


Hudson: My children are too young to really understand what is happening but they are liking all the “hanging out” time at home.  My husband and I are following all of the news of what is happening in the U.S. and also Italy and we are scared of the worst-case scenarios we are hearing. 


Ramirez: My family didn’t panic when they heard the news, but we did start to take more precautionary measures. 




Hudson: My husband works in the healthcare industry and I’m more concerned for him and his interactions with patients that might be infected with the virus.  While he has always worked with sick people, it gives me more fear now about his health. We are also a family with underlying medical concerns and I’m more aware of how important it will be to protect our health during the next couple of months.  I worry that people won’t take the quarantine seriously and more people will be infected, our medical services will be overloaded and people will die who didn’t need to have that exposure. Stay at home people!


Ramirez: I’m afraid that this virus will not be resolved as soon as we think and that we will have to be in quarantine for a longer period of time.