Anne Frank Remembrance

Sebastian Cornejo, Co-Business Manager

On Wednesday, Nov. 7 at the Stay Gallery in Downey, the opening of the Anne Frank  pop up exhibition took place from 5 to 8pm. The event was presented by The Anne Frank House, the Consulate General of the Netherlands with the help of students from the surrounding Los Angeles area. The exhibition detailed the events that took place during World War II and the Holocaust and how it was viewed in the perspective of Anne Frank.


Students who participated in the helping of the event were trained to give guided tours of the exhibition. One of the goals of the groups in charge were to engage students with history. One of the student tour guides, Zebas Van Der Most Van Spijik, 11, was glad to be engaged and  affiliated with the event.


“This is a great experience,” Spijik said.“Giving tours is great and I get to volunteer.”


Sacha Van Der Most Van Spijik, one of the advocates for the exhibition, has been inspired for over seven years after visiting the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam.


“This is my first time doing an exhibition,” Spijik said. “I want to inspire and educate the youth with the past…”


The event is to educate the public, specifically the youth about the before and after of Anne Frank’s childhood ordeals. Jackie Flores, 11, went to the opening night because of her interest of past events in history.


“It was really organized,” Flores said. “I enjoyed learning about her life story through the tours and being able to ask questions and have a visual of what her life was like.”


The event at the Stay Gallery was to educate the public of what occurred in the life of Anne Frank during the years of her exclusion and discrimination. This event was aiming to educate not only the community of Downey, but the students of nearby schools so that they can be informed and inspired by Anne Frank’s perseverance.