Downey Renovations

Amanda Davila, Staff Writer


Renovations are still being made in Downey to keep the city modern and the most successful of these is The Downey Promenade, that opened in the later part of 2015 in order to commemorate the space exploration and movie-making history the city represents.


The Downey Promenade’s appearance holds years of the future and the past through the space-like architecture. The shaded areas are designed to look like space, while the water fountain in the center creates a splashdown effect.


Raised in Downey, Cecilia Yu, was able to see buildings she had passed by as a kid transform into a gathering place of history.


“It wasn’t too long ago when I dropped off my eldest son at the movies here; when he got off the car my memory came back of what this used to be,” Yu said. “As a little girl I always wished I could have stepped inside the space center and now I think it is great that this place was renovated as a sort of celebration.”


The most notable part of this area is the History Walk, which is located on the pathway inside the promenade. This walk includes a path of plaques and reading stations and medallions that take you back to the past of Downey.


Former Downey High Student, Natalie Damian, finds herself following the path of the History Walk as she waits for her movie to start.


“A lot of these plaques have interesting information about the past,” Damian said. “This is a great way to get the information out, especially to those who aren’t aware of the history of our city.”


As a way to attract the younger crowd, Downey has turned this historical landmark into a friendly environment.


Junior, Ngozi Okaroma, likes the welcoming atmosphere the Downey Promenade gives her.


“I think it’s a great place; they really captured the attention of teenagers by adding the restaurants,” Okaroma said. “Overall, it’s a cool place to hang out and be with your friends while still enjoying history.”


From a space center, to a movie studio, and now a promenade, Downey has managed to transform itself into a modern city while still keeping its historical past.