The Impossible Lab

Aimee-Nicole Torres, Community/Parent & Teachers Editor

The three-time World Champion of Magic, Jason Latimer, brings his exhibit “The Impossible Lab” to Downey’s Columbia Memorial Space Center from April 23 through May 7. There is not a fee for the exhibit itself, but there is an entrance fee of five dollars to get into the Columbia Memorial Space Center.


Latimer wants to get people questioning what is possible, so the purpose of the exhibit is to foster an interest in science the experiments through and labs that make what seems impossible, possible.


“I think it is important to get everyone to understand there was never a rule book. No one has ever been able to tell what can and can’t happen,” Latimer said. “Every answer we gave ourselves.”


Latimer took an interest in science after seeing a magic show as a child and questioning how the magician made things happen.

“Education through curiosity is purposely engaging kids in a situation that don’t make sense so that they ask questions,” Jason Latimer said. “The idea is to get you inspired by what you don’t know.”


The exhibit has several different interactive experiments anyone can try, and the majority of them, people can even do at home with everyday objects. Some experiments consisted of making square bubbles, running across liquids, invisible glass and tinsel balloon levitation.


“Just because every [experiment] station sounds impossible doesn’t mean it can’t happen,” Latimer said, “ If everyone asked questions we’d have a better chance of changing things.”


Children of all ages participated in the labs, and they showed nothing but positive feedback while experimenting. The children wandered from station to station, with their parents following and, in some cases, the parents called the child over, excited to get their kid participating.


“It’s nice that it is for the kids and they are getting involved,” Esmeralda Flores, parent, said. “You can see they are enjoying it.”


Throughout the day there were volunteers to aid young children and Latimer was there demonstrating different experiments. The workers for the exhibit and Latimer were very welcoming towards anyone interested and curious about any lab. Latimer was found walking around conversing with people at the event.


“He was very friendly and a nice man,” Jorge Flores said. “He was really cool to the kids to get them to understand.”


Latimer encourages everyone to get out and discover new things regardless of age. His next event is in San Diego, on July 22. You can find more information at