A sweet treat


Admiring local photographers’ artwork is Alex Rubio, 12, at the Downey Art Vibe photo exhibition on May 31 at Porto’s Bakery. The Art Vibe was hosted by the Downey Arts Coalition.

Gustavo Ramirez, Opinions Editor

Setting the bar for artistic endeavors in Downey High, the Art Vibe exhibits some of this city’s greatest student photography on May 31, at the Porto’s square, at 5:00 p.m. The art show displayed photographs from both Warren and Downey students. This event is just one in many that the Downey Art Coalition is sponsoring to bring forth the latent talents within each and every person.

Admission for the event was five dollars for adults and free for students. Coordinated with Porto’s, all attendees were given a free dessert with their tickets. Students were ready to enter the small gallery promptly, and the line grew quickly as time passed. The Downey Jazz Choir helped set the ambient mood by playing soft jazz in the background.

“I came because of the extra credit,” Gustavo Leiva, senior, said, “but I really enjoyed coming because of the cool photos. It was really enjoyable.”

Art Vibe coordinators helped usher students into the art area. The downfall of the exhibit, however, was the confining space.

“The space was really small,” Ismael Lopez, junior, said. “It would have been a lot better if the space was bigger. Overall, the Art Vibe thing was fun, though. It was nice to see all of the stuff that Downey and Warren students can make. ”

Participants entered the exhibit, walked around the single partition, gazed at the student photographs, and left the area. The crowning winner of the exhibit was MJ Orozco for her work.

The overarching reason for the art show was to place emphasis on the new gallery that the Downey Art Coalition recently opened. The Art Vibe group is taking a much more active stance for their goal of showcasing the talents that lie within each and every citizen.  The Downey City Council recently allowed the Downey Museum of Art to open under the supervision of this group. The Downey Art Coalition wants to continue being an active and impactful aspect of this city.

“I will continue to go to Art Vibe stuff,” Saul Garay, senior, said, “because this stuff is cool. I think it’s amazing.”

The Downey Art Vibe constantly has events, and their website, www.downeyarts.org, has accessible information and is updated.