Celebrating the winter season


At the 57th Annual Holiday Lane Parade, senior Sebastian Acevedo leads the marching band and colorguard down Downey Ave. on Dec. 4. Downey band and colorguard were judged on their performance, along two other schools including Warren.

Sergio Villegas, Writer

With the autumn season ending and winter arriving, the city of Downey hosts events to celebrate the holiday season.  Two of the biggest events that the city hosted were the Christmas tree lighting at the Civic Center and the Downey Holiday Lane Parade that occupies Downey Ave.  These two celebrations are designed to bring the city together and share the spirit that most people have during this time.


“It’s a nice experience where we see different groups of people come together and have a good time,” senior Mayra Barajas said. “All the smiling faces and laughs is what I enjoy seeing the most.  Barajas attended both of the vents and participated in the activities.


On Dec. 1, the city hosted an event in which a tree at the Civic Center was decorated with ornaments and lights to resemble a traditional Christmas tree.  The night was filled with children everywhere running with excitement to and from all the activities that were available.  One such activity was a picture with Santa.  Children created immense lines as they waited patiently to play in the snow that the city had provided for them.  The scene quickly turned chaotic when people playing in the snow started to throw snowballs at each other.  Vendors also provided food such as hotdogs and hamburgers.  As the night drew to an end, everyone watched as the supervisors counted down and lit up the tree.


“The Christmas tree lighting was very fun.  The snow, the friends, pictures with Santa, and the tree made it worth while,” sophomore Alina Meneses said.  Meneses had attended the Christmas tree lighting and participated in all the events.


The second event hosted was the Downey Holiday Lane Parade.  Perhaps the biggest event of the year, Downey Ave. was blocked off as the performers slowly made their way down the street.  There were many different performers including the Boy and Girl scouts, cowboys showing off their lasso skills, floats, and even Santa himself.  The streets were completely crowded with anxious spectators who watched with excitement.  The streets had to be regulated by the Downey Police Department in order to keep the copious amounts of traffic under control.


“I thought the parade was great.  All of the performers kept the parade very interesting,” sophomore Priscilla Melendez said.  Melendez had walked with the parade participants down Downey Ave.

With all the events aimed to celebrate the season, Downey successfully gave the city a very special holiday feeling.