Downey Jazz Released Their Second Album – We Live For the Music Vol.2 –

Isabella Galvez, Editor-in-Chief

After a long year of waiting, Downey High School’s Jazz 1 Band finally had their second album released in August. “We Live For The Music, Vol. 2”, the bands’ latest album, is a product of the 2019 Jazz 1 Band, and it is available on all streaming platforms.   


This accomplishment means a lot to the band because they know how much work and dedication was put into this.  Senior Ivan Cuevas gives  insight on how the players in Jazz feel about their work, and what has helped them succeed as a band.  


“Practice and great instruction has helped us reach many accomplishments, including being able to record this album,” Cuevas said.  “We’ve had some really dedicated musicians in this group who actually care about the art form and take it very seriously. I’m fortunate enough to have been a part of that.” 


Mr.  Olariu knows the things that the bands have achieved couldn’t have happened without the help of their instrumental coaches, supporters, and of course the diligence of his students.  He tells a bit of how he approaches teaching in order to get his desired outcome.  


“But like I have done it for the last 20 years here at Downey High, I always push the limits to every student that comes my way,” Olariu said.  “So with hard work, results don’t hesitate to appear.”


The Downey High School Jazz program is widely known, and their work is noticed in places near and far. The students also take pride in what they do because they know that their practice pays off for an incredible result. Former student, Juan Carballo,  knows that he was a part of a group that is very skilled and that makes the people involved feel very proud. 


“I decided to join the Jazz program because of the great respect they had as a whole,” Carballo said.  “They have a great reputation throughout the country now.”


Mr.  Olariu still has many goals and plans for his Jazz program, but looking back on their achievements, they can all see that they have come so far considering where they began. His top choir and band group have been invited to many noteworthy conventions and festivals in the past years, from the ACDA Western Region Conference in Pasadena to the Jazz Education Network Annual Conference in New Orleans. 


While the future for their upcoming plans is still unclear, the Downey Jazz Program Still has many more exciting events come.