Downey Compete At DTASC

Lukas Luna and Brisa Rodriguez


On October 29, Downey High School’s large group drama competed in Drama Teachers of Association of Southern California’s (DTASC) Varsity Division Fall Festival at Calabasas High School. Downey’s troupe scored ninth place in large group drama performing Four: Forty-Eight Psychosis by Sarah Kane.  


 The goal of the festival is to bring drama students from across Southern California together to compete against one another, not unlike a sporting event. While the event works to unite the performers present, that does not stop a sense of competitiveness from being felt by many, including Senior Saul Conde. 


“Usually everyone their is very nice and supportive. Everyone is always wishing each other well and good luck.” Said Conde, “But from the first room, I could tell it was going to be very competitive and it wasn’t going to easy to get into the final round.” 


With such a large amount of Southern California troupes gathered in the same place, it is easy for one to tremble at the sheer volume of competition. Newcomer Alexander Arvizu, 12, quickly became intimidated by his first DTASC festival, but soon found himself more confident as Downey came in 9th place. 


“My group was really excited and thought we were going make it to finals. I didn’t think so. Everyone else had more experience then me, I was the newest person in the troupe.” Arvizu said, “I felt like we weren’t ready, but turns out we were.”


 Competing in DTASC is a required task for members of Mr. Nelson’s advanced drama class, but most students involved view it as so much more than another drab assignment. They cherish the opportunity to be immersed in a community that loves acting as much as them the festival allows them. This sentiment is echoed by junior Karisma Alva. 


“The point of DTASC is to show what we’ve been putting efforts into for the whole semester” Said Alva, “It is a grade, but we also do it because it’s fun and purely a great place to be at.”  


Information on DTASC can be found below