Downey High’s Annual Blood Drive

Vanessa Carrillo , Co-Editor-in-Chief

Downey filled the gym on Friday, Sept. 28 for the annual blood drive. Throughout the day, students were excused from their classes to head over to the school gym to fill out a survey and eventually donate a pint of blood, with the help of ASB members.


During the blood drive ASB member in charge, Jason Camacho, 12, mentions all the time and work that gets put into the drive.


“The main workload is like the appointment cards and stuff, and also the day of the event,” Camacho stated. “We just have to set up the gym and like have everything in order,

everyone has to be at their jobs, just so everything can run smoothly.”


Second year blood donor, Aareem Ahmed, 12, gives some tips for future donors, and for people who are too nervous to donate.


“First off, I’d say not to look at the needle,” Ahmed said, “and to just stay hydrated throughout the day.”


Students of ages 16 to 18 are allowed to donate; ages 16 and 17 needed parent approval in order to donate, and 16 year olds need to weigh a minimum of 135 pounds.


Jennifer Martinez, 12, explains her experience as a first time donor along with her reasons for donating.


“It was good. I was scared at first and thought it would hurt, but it didn’t. Everyone was really nice and the process was simple and easy. Giving blood was a good experience,” Martinez stated. “I gave because I thought it would be good to donate whether it was for experimental purposes or if someone needs a transfer; It’s a good feeling knowing you helped no matter where your blood goes.”


After donating students are asked to remain in the snack area to ensure they are safe, are eating to make up for loss of blood or red cells, and are drinking enough fluids.


As ASB member Samantha Claros, 11, leads students to the snack table. Claros states how she believes students should prep for the drive.


“They should eat a good breakfast and stay hydrated,” Claros stated, “and try to avoid fatty foods and replace with foods high in iron.”


Seeing the outcome of the blood drive, Camacho states how he feels overall.


“Overall, I think it went very well and everything went smoothly,” Camacho stated. “I’m happy with our turnout this year.”


The final outcome for this year’s blood drive was a total of 199 student donors, saving the lives of 597 people in the need of blood transfusions.