See Ya Next Summer, LA Fair

Eliza Vargas , Photographer

With fall coming right around the corner, students are getting in their last bit of fun before all of the summer events come to an end. Located in Pomona, CA, the LA County Fair is an annual family event that consists of a variety of different foods, rides, and contests.


Taking part in this fair for her second time in a row, Melanie Jimenez, 11, is looking forward to trying some new rides and foods. “Those fair lifts are so cool,” Jimenez said. “I wanna go on it and watch the sunset.”


Interested in trying some vegan food, Jimenez also plans on stopping by a booth called, Plant Food for people, to give their carnitas-style taco a test. “I had no idea that there was vegan options at the fair,” Jimenez said. “That seriously just adds more to the reason of why I keep going.”


Since people have been turning to vegan options more, they have a booth that they can give a try if they end up attending the fair. “With so many different food options here,” Jimenez said. “I’m sure that I’m not the only person who has returned for another year.”


Teens have been planning trips to attend this fair just before it leaves on September 23. Sophomore Jasmine Maldonado is ready to see what all the hype is about.


“Everyone I know keeps talking about it,” Maldonado said. “I’m going with two of my teammates this weekend.”


Wanting to check this event out for herself, Maldonado decided to take a visit as soon as she could. Discovering that there was going to be a butterfly exhibit, Maldonado was even happier to know she was going to be able to see them.


The exhibit has over 100 butterflies for all the visitors to admire. “I had no idea they had a butterfly exhibit,” Maldonado said. “Once I found out I knew that was gonna be my favorite part!”


Attending the fair for the very first time, Alize Moreira, 10, enjoyed all that the fair had to offer.


“The lights everywhere were so pretty,” Moreira said. “It was everything I expected and more.”

Although she didn’t get to go on any rides, she was sure to try the highly talked about deep fried Oreos. “Don’t get me started on those deep fried oreos,” Moreira said. “Best believe I’m gonna go back for them!”


Visiting this fair is a popular festivity that students have visited and are still planning trips to.  With a variety of attractions such as wild fair rides, butterfly exhibits, and vegan food options, this fair has a variety of activities for patrons to take part in. This event is coming up strongly on its 26th year. Opening day was on Aug 31 and the rest of the fair lasts until Sept 23.