Locked out of the Locker Rooms

Miranda Ramirez, Editor-In-Chief

Recently, during the week of Nov. 2, the zero period girls have been forced to find different places to change after P.E. because the girls’ locker room is restricted due to no locker room attendant present.


The girls feel that it is unfair that boys have access to their locker rooms, while they are forced to find another place to change or stay in their PE clothes for the remainder of the school day.


“I mean the boys locker rooms are open and that isn’t fair,” Mia Terry, 10, said. “We can’t change in our own locker rooms which means that we have to go to the bathrooms which is really awkward and sometimes the bathrooms aren’t even open and we don’t know what to do.”


Forced to find an alternative place to change, the majority of the girls go to the S building restroom because it is the closest restroom to change in. However, although it is an alternative place to change, girls do not feel that it is sanitary to do so.


“I feel like it’s unfair because a lot of us come to the S building to change and it’s just all cramped up,” Kayla Benitez, 9, said. “The bathrooms aren’t as sanitary either.”


Locker room attendant, Janae Townsend, says that there is not much she can do if she happens to be absent in the mornings.


“There are subs but it’s kinda their option [to open the locker rooms in the morning],” Townsend said. “It’s important to have supervision in the locker room because it’s a lot bigger that the bathroom and if there’s not a sub then we can’t open the locker room.”


Townsend has been present lately, and the locker room is open by 7:15 a.m., but if she does happen to miss a day again, zero period girls will just have make-do with changing in the restrooms, unless a sub is present.