3 A.M. Girls

Melissa Hernandez, Staff Writer

Stop the Traffick held its annual documentary screening on the topic of human trafficking on Oct. 14 to raise awareness and money for organizations fighting against human trafficking. Club president, senior, Maria Nuñez, expected a great turn out for their screening of 3 A.M. Girls, as last year’s documentary Sex & Money sold out. With more than 100,000 plus girls taken in each state yearly, human trafficking is an issue that needs more attention.
“We were hoping for a good turn out because this is our second year with the club; we expected more students to be familiar with the club,” Nuñez said. “Those who came to the documentary last year would come to see the new one.”


The screening was successful; all the money collected from the ticket sales, as well as the snacks that were sold, was donated to an organization called Exodus Road. Exodus Road uses the money donated to them to buy spy gear to help free young boys and girls that got sucked into the horrible world of trafficking.


Junior, Eduardo Bayardo, the club’s secretary was happy with the funds they were able to collect.


“Last year was the first year that the club was active, and we were unsure of how successful we would be,” Bayardo said. “We set a goal of $2,300, and we actually passed our goal, reaching roughly $2,500; Exodus Road was very thankful for our donation.”


The documentary showings Stop the Traffick has are meant to raise awareness to those watching it. Anisa Ramirez, a club member, believes it has an effective impact on the audience.


“It’s a really good movie that you can learn a lot from. Some people say ‘I see things differently now’,” Ramirez said, “so I think it did what it needed to do which is raise awareness of the topic.”


Club adviser, Ms. James, understands that the students can learn a lot from the documentary.


“I would like the students to have a better understanding of how trafficking affects children,” Ms. James said, “and to hopefully want to do something about it.”


The screening had a strong impact on Bayardo, club secretary. He explains that the insight he received from the documentary, motivated him to join the club.


“I thought this would be an excellent club to join as it ties with my preferred line of work—law enforcement,” Bayardo said. “It exposed me to an entirely new version of crime, and I became passionate about doing my part on preventing this to continue.”


Stop the Traffick’s main goal is to raise awareness to those who do not know trafficking could be happening in their own city. The club allows the students to help by uniting with organizations like the Exodus Road. Students are encouraged to join because every little donation helps save the lives of those being trafficked. Stop the Traffick has meetings every other Thursday in Ms. James’ room: B-206.