AP exams on the horizon


As April comes to an end, Advanced Placement students rush their studying aiming to pass their tests with the best score possible and achieve college credits. The AP tests will be taking place from May 7 to May 17.

Julia Ruiz, Sports Editor

As the saying goes: April showers bring May flowers; however, for many students enrolled in Advanced Placement classes, April showers are a reminder of the upcoming College Board AP Exams, which will take place from May 7 to May 18.

The College Board AP program provides students the opportunity to receive college credit for the classes they take if they pass the exam in May with a score of three or higher. Therefore, the four-hour long exams are crucial for the Vikings looking to get ahead in their college studies.

“Although the exams can get exhausting, they’re worth it,” senior Samantha Kang said. “After months of studying and practicing it all comes together when you get your results in July.”

Teachers, as well as students, work hard in the weeks leading up to the big day in order to help their classes achieve a passing score in the summer. Many, if not all AP teachers, hold review sessions during the weekends or after school to provide extra practice.

“The review sessions are a big help,” AP student Caroline Tran said. “You tend to forget some of the material you learned back in September and the sessions help clear that up. They also help for classes that you took last semester and haven’t worked on in months.”

Alas the time is approaching for the Vikes to demonstrate their strengths once more.

“It’s hard to believe the test is almost here,” senior Jesus Pelayo said. “It’s nerve-wracking but also exciting because we’ve all worked very hard throughout the year to get here, especially for the seniors who’ve been taking these exams since sophomore year. Now, we have to finish off strong.”

For the next few weeks the stress level for AP students and teachers will be high. But once the exam is over and the Vikings have proven their worth, the summer results will hopefully be the cherry on top to a successful year.