Dance: music made visible

Wendy Mora

Whether his future holds singing on Glee or dancing on So You Think You Can Dance, senior Evan Miller, is working towards his long-term dream of being a singer or a dancer. Miller has been dancing on the dance team for 2 years. He started dancing to prove to his grandfather that he had rhythm and it soon became one of his passions. Miller grew up street dancing but became professionally skilled by his junior year.

“Dancing is one of the many highlights of my life,” Evan Miller said, “ I want it to take me to a place I’ve never been and I want to go as far as possible.”

To many dancers, dancing is considered an art. Miller is known for conveying an emotion to the audience of whatever type of routine he’s dancing to.

“Depending on what style of dance it is, I have different feeling,” senior Evan Miller said, “ for example, if I’m doing a contemporary routine, I tend to feel an emotion of sadness or sorrow; as where if I’m dancing a jazz routine the feeling is to be sexy!”

Miller has many loving and caring friends that will support him no matter what career he chooses.  Many other dancers from the dance team agree that he puts in tons of work on every routine they are assigned to perform.

“Evan radiates an energy that is so contagious and if I’m doing something wrong he’ll correct me and won’t let me keep doing the wrong moves,” senior Sharlene Guzman said, “ It feels so good to dance with him!”

Miller feels that if he doesn’t become a singer or a dancer, he would still like to be around the same atmosphere and become a choreographer or a videographer.

“He’ll go as far as he wants and I’m sure of it,” junior Stephanie Guzman said, “ If he really pushes it he’ll go all the way to the top!”

Miller also enjoys spending time with friends and family and says that he wouldn’t be able to do half of what he does now if it wasn’t for them.

“Family and friends are the force that keep the wheels in motion and yes my coach counts as family too,” Miller said.

Miller has the potential and the heart for dancing and singing. As much as the students love to see him dance on stage hopefully we’ll be seeing him soon on the big screen.