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5 Questions with Osvaldo Zamora

5 Questions with Osvaldo Zamora

Lucy Hernandez, Writer/Public Relations Manager/ News Editor

March 7, 2014

Aspiring body builder and model, senior Osvaldo Zamora shares his new passion for working out and his strict five-day workout regimen.   Q1. What motivates you? A1. I used to be chunky when I was growing up and people used to constantly tease me. When I saw my brother starting to work out,...

Artist of the month: the long and winding road

Artist of the month: the long and winding road

Anais Hinojosa, Arts & Entertainment Assistant

April 4, 2011

After several years as a multi-talented musician, junior Randell Milan is finally recording his first album under the label Thunder Bolt. The opportunity arose at a friend’s gig, where Milan was discovered. Apart from singing and harmonizing, this young and prosperous musician plays more instruments...

Dance: music made visible

Wendy Mora

June 2, 2010

Whether his future holds singing on Glee or dancing on So You Think You Can Dance, senior Evan Miller, is working towards his long-term dream of being a singer or a dancer. Miller has been dancing on the dance team for 2 years. He started dancing to prove to his grandfather that he had rhythm and it...

Crafting one’s passion

Victor Duran

April 30, 2010

Playing videogames and collecting baseball cards are a couple teenage hobbies, but unlike most teenagers junior Anthony Ferrini II is utilizing his passion for carpentry to renovate Debra Lizardi’s cooking stations for her culinary arts class. Finding something you love doing and making it into...

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