Downey’s 2nd Annual Food Expo

Vanessa Carrillo, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Parents who wonder what their children are eating at school everyday had the opportunity on Oct. 20 to see and taste themselves during Downey’s second annual food expo. Held in Downey High’s cafeteria, Saturdays event was free of charge, and open to the public.


The cafeteria had different kinds of sections including an information table, a crafting area, photo booth, raffle table and food sampling lines.


Stationed at the new food sampling table, Nutritional service worker of Downey High, Norma Juarez, states how she feels about the new food that could possibly be served next year.


“My hope is that because this new menu is a 100% natural and way more healthy for the kids, [it] would be better for the kids,” Juarez said. “Hopefully the people agree as well.”


Upon entering the cafeteria, guests receive a goodie bag along with information on the purpose of the expo. Throughout the expo, guests were allowed to enter a raffle for chances to win pots and pans, and receive free kids books.


Kiwanis member, Marisol Camacho, 11, states why she volunteered for this event.

“I’m interested in the things people do to help the community,” Camacho states. “To put the organizations in the world and to give a voice to the people, it’s pretty cool.”


Having heard of this event through a club members mom, Kiwanis Vice President, Vanessa Valdovinos, 12, felt the urge to volunteer Saturday morning.


“It turned out really well, I didn’t expect this many people to show up,” Valdovinos stated. “It went really well because we did a lot of advertising for it this year.”


Thanks to the help of Downey’s Kiwanis club, Griffiths Middle School, Stauffer Middle School, and cafeteria staff from all over the district, this year’s annual food expo had a turn-out of 532 participants, beating last year’s count of 250. If the food served at the expo received positive feedback from the attendees, they will be added to the new menu for the  2019-2020 school year.