Munchin’ at the luncheon

During B lunch on June 3, Chris Zuniga, 12, along with his classmates, serve teachers lunch, so they can experience what it is like to host a food service event. “It feels really good and cool to be able to make this food for the teachers,” Zuniga stated. “I also feel great that we can bring them joy.”

Irania Quintero, Staff Writer

On Wed., Jun. 3, Downey High School’s Creative Foods class and their teacher, Ms. Diane Villa, hosted the annual teacher luncheon, in room A-203, in order to give the students an experience in a food service event.  Teachers on campus are often tied up in their work, from grading papers to making sure their students get the help they need, but the annual luncheon allowed time to mingle and bond in a different setting.



As the Creative Foods instructor, Villa looks forward to working with her students to create an environment that teaches students and respites staff from stress. This year, Villa and her students cooked vegan enchiladas and baked vegan raspberry cupcakes.



“It give the students a real life experience that helps them decide whether or not they are serious about pursuing a career in culinary arts,” Villa said.  “Both the students and the teachers love the experience.”



Not only did Villa have the opportunity to provide a unique experience for her students and coworkers, but she was also able to make them feel welcomed and comfortable.  Dean of Students Ms. Gladys Velazquez was enthused to have been able to sit down and relax for the time being.



“I experienced a rare opportunity to sit for a minute to socialize with my coworkers; these moments are rare and far-between,” Velazquez said.  “My favorite part was that the staff luncheon included the gentlemen who help keep DHS clean from ARC.”



The students who took part in the luncheon had jobs that included hosting, cooking, and waiting on the tables to make sure no staff member was missing anything throughout their lunch.


For Jose Orozco, 12, the experience helped him improve his “people skills,” which meant that he was able to come out of his shell of shyness and kindly approach people he has never seen or met.



“I was nervous because I thought I would embarrass myself in front of the staff,” Orozco said.  “It was a great experience, and I’m glad I was able to keep calm and do my job.”



The real world awaits and Villa was glad to have been able to give her students a taste of what the real world in culinary arts is like.  Anyone interested in being a part of the Creative Foods course can contact Ms. Villa in room A-203 for more information. The next teacher luncheon hosted by the Creative Foods students will take place at the end of the 2015-2016 school year.